Less is More when Beach Style Decorating

When decorating a beach house… always remember less is more!

Try and stick with one colour and one neutral as a rule of thumb.  Create interest in your beach decorating style with :

  1. Textures
  2. Fabrics
  3. Interesting Objects
  4. Art

Keep your look simple with great storage.  Making sure things are clean and organised goes a long way to your overall room style.

Objects should be grouped- for example if your collecting a type of object, then put similar things together by type or by colour.  For an effective display, use the triangle method designers use.

That means imagine the height of a triangle.  Put the tallest item at the back and work your way downwards.  Remember objects look better if you group them close together.  Unless your are grouping objects in a row, like 3 lanterns, or five candles, then you can evenly space them with a couple inches apart in a line and so on…

To learn more about how to decorate beach style check out my new book How to Decorate a Beach House Step by Step.

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