Design Diary 6

Just got off the phone with the lovely Kym from Belle Coastal Living – Sunshine Coast area.  Soon to become a Kahuna Bay stockist.  She’s lovely.  That’s the great thing about my job… is sometimes your just having fun and working with such great people!

She’ll also be in Melbourne at the show- so will Priscilla who I spoke to today from store in Tamworth.  Beach style is so universal- it doesn’t have boundaries…

Also sent out an order to Signature Interiors in Broadbeach and the lovely Miffy from Melbourne- her mirrors are just so gorgeous and I think you might see them in Melbourne stores later this year. I’m doing a lot more lately with party planners and wedding event coordinators.  Today sent out a shell sample pack to a lovely lady running her events company in Sydney…apparently she has 3 beach weddings coming up soon.

Thats what I was saying to a lovely girl from Palm Beach who stopped by my design space yesterday- she said she loved beach style but couldn’t have it as her place was contemporary- you know the black and white look.

Guys- beach style is NOT just blue and white.  Although the Kahuna Bay website looks very traditionally “beach” – if you check out my new book beach elements and accents have 1000’s of different looks and styles.

Back to show prep- Yesterday I started getting into the “nitty gritty” for the GHA show in Melbourne.  Starting to get a bit stressed as I’m having trouble getting my new jewellery manufactured… this is where home is different to “fashion”… a fashion show traditionally works off “indent” orders- home needs to have product “in stock.”

This is where a designer must have samples or die.

I have even considered ringing up stores asking to buy back certain pieces of product– I’m after one particular necklace in a certain colour… I found a piece in a Gold Coast stockist’s store- but she cleverly REFUSED to sell it back to me… sneaky hey?

My new collection has around 25 pieces and growing.  The pieces come from 3 countries and are all made of natural materials.  I hate plastic with a passion and will never create any of my homewares or jewellery from plastic.  Everything is from natural materials- like stones, wood, shells, beads or horn (Buffalo which is a farmed animal in Vietnam.)

Which brings me to an interesting guy I met on the weekend at Riverside market- for ages I’ve been wanting to use driftwood from the beach in my art commercially- but worried about bugs– he has been carving driftwood for years for homewares and art pieces- he says to pour mineral turps over the wood and let it dry outside for a couple days and that will kill any “bugs” in the wood– wonder if this is safe???

Back to show prep- Sacha and I have been texting and calling- kinda tricky putting together “one” tropical story from two brands two cities apart.  So we rely on photos, emails and phone calls to work together.

So far we’ve got 12 shelves ordered, our white walls, sisal rug, and we’re doing a really “clean” look.  Last night I was up till 1am working on the new wholesale catalog… about to go do the same tonight.

Over the weekend my designer Kylie will be designing new Kahuna Bay product tags for the show…

I’ve simplified the home wares products majorly– and refocusing the brand.  I’ve decided to only take 2 photo frames- and currently thinking about designing a new shell frame on a white washed timber base…

Sometimes at the last minute I’ll through in a few designer “hunch” products to try on the market and see if my clients like them.

The new ad for Notebook was finalised last week– its gorgeous… can’t wait to see it in stores!  Can’t wait to get your feedback on my new monthly beach decorating course step by step.  In the meantime you can check out my new book all about how to decorate a beach house.

Still waiting on the new shell packs to arrive so I can take photos and add them into my new catalog.  Please come tomorrow!


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