Diary 2: Giant Clam Shells, Mission Beach House & Bali Manufacturer…oh and a glass of red or two

End of the day… I couldn’t be bothered going to the gym… too drained — the glass (es) of wine sounded wayy better than an hour on a bike right now… But how did I go today?

Well I managed to find a new manufacturer in Bali- yay!  20 new designs ordered!  Several phone calls to Bangkok down and ticked with nothing accomplished except for a “kap kuunnn kaaa.”  Fingers crossed my necklaces WILL arrive in time… apparently my English connection will arrive back from Sweden on the 26th?? I said..”of JULY?”  ahhhh… “June?”  SOYYY …. So I think I may have success in about 4 days. Have finalised amazing new sea shells from the Philippines with pretty packaging… thats a “yay.”  Somewhere in the midst of all this a tricky but SMART lady named “beach lady” caught me out and has scored a Mango Wood hand carved tray for a tidy little $17– plus shipping.  Must not have had enough caffeine the day I did that little online item.

Some cool new girls up at Mission Beach are opening a “boutique on the beach.”  And of course they want it Kahuna Bay style.  Yay yay yay– we had a lovely little chat.

The highlight of today had NOTHING to do with the design show… just a totally cool quote from the left of Mars– yes 15 GIANT oversized clam shells valuing the cool amount of 15,000– they are for a party?? What party?? Who’s invited and who’s it for?  Details I asked… seriously… this is pretty cool.  Apparently they are to be filled with ice, and topped with oysters.  I wonder what they will be drinking?  I seriously under quoted… not being an expert in giant clams I thought they might cost a mere $2500… after speaking to the expert apparently we are talking a couple pallets to Melbourne.  I wonder if its for gangsters or supermodels?  Imagine if it was your BIRTHDAY and someone who loved you got 15 GIANT clam shells shipped to Melbourne just to serve the food to your friends?

LOVE THIS. Seriously.

I did NOT do any painting or anything artistic today.  I did prepare a list of “to do”s for tomorrow without a time since I have lately refused to wear a watch… you know since it’s an illusion (time.)

Until tomorrow… this is my designer’s inside blog.. on a countdown to the Melbourne show.

Susie x

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