Is Beach Decorating Tacky? Simple How To

It’s a beautiful morning here on the Gold Coast and I’m enjoying my coffee overlooking the beach.  I had a lovely weekend… Sunday spent at breakfast at my favourite beach cafe.  Life is made for friends!  Then I stopped by an organic farmers market… which I ended up coming away with a gorgeous bunch of really fragrant coriander, a bag of mixed yummy leaves and one sweet potato.

I’ve been researching for my new e-book… a lot!  It’s really interesting to hear what you want compared to what I thought you wanted.

Beach decorating has a bad reputation for being really tacky.  And yes… when I checked out a few online websites there is a lot of tacky around.  But objects I don’t think are often tacky on their own, but they become tacky when placed or grouped wrong.

For example, look at this little tiki guy.  From the website Tiki Master.  This is the kind of object that is beautifully carved by hand, but if you got a whole bunch of these and randomly put them on walls with a lot of other decor it would look “tacky.”


Lets say you had a stunning modern decor with black and white looks and dark accessories.  Even in the most posh apartment this object would look amazing if grouped on a wall with several other hand carved masks.  Even better, imagine it hanging on a timber frame six in a row as an art piece?  Sound good?

What’s even better is it’s probably not that expensive.  It’s so easy to make something average amazing with groupings and statements. So… go for it!

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