Kahuna is Cookin Baby!

4 months a Year to Build a Designer Collection

I just got back from my latest Kahuna mission to Bangkok yesterday morning.  I’ve spent 4 months of the last year there… wow!  Every trip I attempt to learn a couple more words… I know I’m a tad naughty.  I get more excited about seeing a new tropical bathroom.

She can Cook It Baby! Lets Make it a Tropical Magazine… Kahuna style

The highlight of my last trip was going to “official” Thai cooking school.

Yes I can cook Pad Thai very well now (recipe to come). On that recipe to come note I’d really like the Kahuna Bay website to progress to be more like an online tropical living magazine filled with lifestyle tips, recipes, tropical inspiration and more!

A Palm Tree meets the Romance of an Arab Tent

My biggest design inspiration took place at a fabulous new bar done in tropical Arabian nights meets the hot night of Bangkok- check it out on M Level at the State Tower Lebua building.  Its fabulous and really what the tropical Kahuna Bay lifestyle is all about.  Filled with giant oversized cushions on huge mattresses with outdoor weather fabric, potted palms, hanging lanterns and a draped fabric ceiling… I’ll do a blog about how to create this look in your own home with some pics!

Launch of New Products

This was a really successful business trip for Kahuna Bay as I am really wrapped about launching some very COOL new products including:

  • Seagrass oversized beach/carry bag that can be folded or washed with a leather look handle
  • Gorgeous organza or silk table runners with an exotic appeal with modern overtones
  • Summer silk colours including a NEW Hot Pink and Canary Yellow… eek!
  • Sexy new collection of Indian but sexier than a sari beach wear with glitzy beads and gems…

Can we reach 100 by the new year?

It takes a lot to build a brand and I can’t really believe I’m coming up to the two year mark!  As we approach stocking nearly 100 Australian boutiques I’m really proud of what Kahuna Bay is becoming.  I had a meeting while overseas with a new manufacturer that is employing hill tribe people in Thailand in order to prevent them from growing and producing drugs… The product is more expensive but its for a great cause and of course its beautiful!  I plan to launch this product on our website only starting with a table runner, a cushion cover and a stunning throw all in white.

Designer here comes Kahuna

Off the phone this morning with Jacelyn over at Reed and talking about the new Designer show in Sydney to be launched 21-24 Feb 2008, for VIP buyers.  I’m currently thinking about which images to feature in the designers portfolio guide book… we may need to do a new photo shoot for this!

Thanks for reading!

Ms. Kahuna xx

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