Tweet to Us : have a conversation with the voice behind the brand

Lovely Kahuna Bay customers & potential customers.  My name is Susie and I am the tropical design lover behind the Kahuna Bay brand.  

An open style of communication is really important to me.  I want our customers to talk to us (Kahuna Bay) and be able to chat to me.  Besides e-mailing, you can chat to Kahuna Bay on Twitter.  Twitter provides a way for you to have a conversation with the voice behind the brand.  

You can say whats on your mind- talk to us about what your decorating now in your home and what you want to do.  You can ask us a question- and we’ll chat back.  Keep in mind this is an open style of communication so whatever you say to Kahuna Bay on twitter in the timeline is public. 

Our name on Twitter is Kahuna Bay.  

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