Room Recipe: Blue & White Coastal Living Bedroom

Loving this tropical inspired bedroom.  It’s so gorgeous.


I love breaking down the elements of a room design into what I call a room recipe. To get this coastal living look at your place you’ll want to look out for these decor ingredients:

Room ingredients: 

  1. White paint
  2. Green paint (floor) – Porter’s Paint “Dew”
  3. If you don’t have floor boards use a sisal rug
  4. White shutters
  5. Rattan and wood bead head and frame
  6. Two queen size bed pillows
  7. Two euro size bed pillows
  8. Feather queens size donna
  9. White cotton donna cover and pillow slips with blue palm or flower embroidery or Indian block printed – you can use a plain white cover and use blue accessory throws and Euro size cushions to achieve this look

Design Method


I also love Porter’s Paints – this colour Dew is gorgeous and very similar to the floor in the coastal style bedroom photo.


Porters has lots of gorgeous whites and wallpapers – depending on your room.

If you don’t have a gorgeous wood slatted wall, you could give your room a designer coastal feel with a gorgeous wall paper in your same colour tones, like this one by Anna Spiro and from Porters Paints.


Sisal rugs can be purchased from so many places.  This one is from Freedom and is called the Madras Rug.


Shutters will really give your room a coastal look and that beach cottage feel.


If you don’t have shutters on your windows, you can bring in an old set of salvaged shutters – full size and lay them against a wall. This gorgeous photo above is from A Beach Cottage. 


Bed Linen can be tough to find just the right thing – an old faithful design trick is to go with white and use cotton throw at one end of the bed and two euro cushion covers.

Here is a gorgeous white linen cover from Sheridan.


If you have white linen already, then just pair it with euro size covers in blue to save on coins! This one below is from Sheridan.


I’m a huge fan of John Robshaw Textiles and love his range from India. Here is something that would work perfectly in our coastal living bedroom in blue and white.


Lastly, the bed… rattan and wood bed frames are sometimes known as French antique style. So gorgeous and romantic! Perfect for beach style decorating and coastal living.


Have fun creating all your coastal living blue and white room elements!

To learn more about how to decorate a beach house you might enjoy my beach style decorating e-book. 

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