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Beach Decorating in 1-2-3 Easy Steps

The beach look is so much fun! It's great because it can cost as little or as much as you like and be as stylish and sophisticated or chilled out like a beach shack. If you are looking to put together a beach style and coastal inspired look this summer, you might enjoy our simple 3 steps. Before you start, we always recommend starting with a clean, fresh palette - declutter your stuff and simplify! You can learn more in our e-book Beach Style Decorating.  Step 1 - Choose your Inspiration for beach inspired design Start by choosing something you love - a boat, a tropical piece of fruit, a tropical flower. This could be an object or piece of...

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Room Recipe: Blue & White Coastal Living Bedroom

Loving this tropical inspired bedroom.  It’s so gorgeous. I love breaking down the elements of a room design into what I call a room recipe. To get this coastal living look at your place you’ll want to look out for … Continue reading →

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Hello 2015 so glad you’re here!

We are so glad it’s a new year and with that come’s fresh hopes, new goals and aspirations. To kick it off, we’ve launched our new look Kahuna Bay website.  We’ve also made some key brand decisions about the future … Continue reading →

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