The Island Blue Collection

We love our Island Blue inspired watercolour fine art collection. A mix of blue hues from traditional, to deep blues and bright aquas, it's about every shade of the sky and the water, worn paint and bright swimmers and your favourite surf board.

We are adding to this collection with new designs regularly from banana trees, to palm leaves, abstracts in blue, and summer bikinis and our modern take on a sail boat. 

Perfect for the modern that wants some tropical and beach accents but wants to keep the design elements clean with a pop of colour. 

"You may notice there is usually a lot of white left on our papers, and nothing designed by me is perfect! I even like to leave the pencil lines showing, if in the moment when the paintbrush is still in my hand and I feel the magic is done, I put my brush down and leave the lines, because even they tell a story that not everything goes to plan."

Susie, Kahuna Bay artist and designer.

Our printer knows to leave our beautiful and intentional drops of paint, charcoal markings and pencil outlines because we love character and hope you do too. 

"I have have used a mix of blues for this collection which I love." Susie