Made in Australia.

Susie Hambleton, Artist + Designer

About Susie 

Susie is Australian born and grew up in a small town in California, close to her family's ranch in the mountains. She is a writer and artist.

She has spent the last two decades living in Australia and travelling throughout Asia and the South Pacific.  

In Her Words

"Our art and designs take a slow process, it is not uncommon to take 8-10 weeks from idea, to hand painting on paper, to reproduction, print proof, and finally to canvas print.

I believe beauty inspires us to live our best lives, and that is the power of art. I leave markings, drops of paint, pencil scribbles, a water stain. I feel it is all reminiscent of the moment it was created. My art is intentionally simple...

My purpose in life is to create beauty by sharing my art - if you feel drawn to it, then I hope you bring one of my pieces home with you."

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Influences and Style

Susie likes to paint in collections of style and colour or theme, so the art will flow from room to room and feel like it is designed for that space.

Her work is designed for tropical and beach style lovers. 

Susie loves the colonial design influences found in Australia and Asia, particularly boutique hotels, old Queenslander style homes and architecture, historic gardens, and the lush foliage of palms, tropical forests and romantic balmy nights.