Susie Hambleton, Artist + Designer

About Susie 

Susie is Australian born and grew up in a small town in California. She is a writer and artist.

She has spent the last two decades living in Australia and travelling throughout Asia and the South Pacific.  

"My art and designs take a slow process, it is not uncommon to take 8-16 + weeks and up to 6 months from idea, to hand painting on paper, to reproduction, print proof, and finally to canvas print.

I believe beauty inspires us to live our best lives, and that is the power of art. I leave markings, drops of paint, pencil scribbles, a water stain. I feel it is all reminiscent of the moment it was created. My art is intentionally simple...

My purpose in life is to create beauty by sharing my art - if you feel drawn to it, then I hope you bring one of my pieces home with you."

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