Summer Nights Aqua Capri Silk Scarf
Summer Nights Aqua Capri Silk Scarf

Summer Nights Aqua Capri Silk Scarf


Get the Bohemian Holiday Look

Add a scarf to a pair of jeans & t shirt or that strappy sundress to make the perfect accessory for your next beach holiday. Our favourite must have colours for every woman is white, black and your colour for the season... and turquoise just keeps coming back as a classic summer love colour!

This turquoise two toned scarf only comes in the narrow Capri size and does have a firmer feel.

Kahuna Bay silk scarves are made from Thai silk and using ancient techniques.  Imperfections are normal and noticeable in the weft and weave of the silk reflective of quality craftmanship. Our silk is very soft, however you will notice our 3 colour weave scarves may feel firmer to touch reflecting the strong weft and weave of additional silk strands.


Our silk comes in two sizes, long and narrow or long and wide.  The narrow size is called Capri and the long size is called Classic.

Capri (CP): Length 164 x Width 33 mm or Length 64 x Width 13 inch

Classic (C): Length 164 x Width 69 mm or Length 63 x Width 27 inch

Pricing is the same for both Capri and Classic sizes.

Care Instructions for Silk

Silk should be hand washed separately in luke warm water.  Use mild soap such as Woolmix.  Hang dry preferably lying flat or in the shade outside.  When washing silk, it is normal for some colour to transfer to the water.

Never put silk in the washing machine.

Plain silk if hand-washed will become softer. 

To achieve a crinkle look, loosely twist your silk and tie into a simple knot.  To get the flat look, spray with water prior to ironing until damp but not wet. Iron on low heat with a lint free cloth over the top of the delicate silk.

Please take care to not wear bright coloured silk on top of light fabric.  Kahuna Bay silk is hand dyed and the colour may transfer.  Do not spray perfume directly onto silk.